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Welcome to the Gastonia Conference Center

Gastonia Conference Center is a symbol; a sign of the people of Gastonia, North Carolina on the move toward civic, economic, and environmental sustainability. Designed to pay homage to the surrounding architecture and heritage of the area, Gastonia Conference Center is the premier destination for local, regional, and state-wide conferences and events, from metro-Charlotte based corporate meetings, to state-wide conventions, to local and community events, to memorable weddings.

This cutting-edge, 30,000-square-foot technologically advanced and sustainably built conference center is designed to generate business and support the local Gastonia community. The Conference Center accommodates over 450 meeting attendees and 300 for a seated banquet function and features ten separate, purpose-built and distraction-free meeting rooms, event spaces and 5,100 square-foot ballroom. It has already gained recognition as the greater Charlotte region's foremost destination for events of all kinds.

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Some helpful tips to hire a nice wedding videographer

A wedding videographer captures the most special moments of your wedding and converts them into a movie. It would be a pleasure to see those beautiful moments such as walking down the aisle and taking the wedding vows again and again. Therefore, it is very important to hire a good wedding videographer. Here are some helpful tips for you to hire a nice wedding videographer:

1.      Research well: Do not hire a random videographer. You must understand that your videographer would have such a huge responsibility on his shoulders. Therefore, you should conduct a fair amount of research before hiring a wedding videographer. At first, you should gather a list of videographers by seeking recommendations from your friends or relatives. Then you should visit their websites and see what their clients have said about their service.

2.      Watch sample videos: You would definitely get a couple of sample videos on the website of every videographer. Watch as many videos as you can to have an idea of the videographer’s work. You should also check the sound quality, especially during vows and speeches. If you are impressed with the sample videos, then you can approach the videographer for an interview.

3.      Ask some important questions: After being impressed with the sample videos, you should fix an appointment with the potential videographer. You should ask him some important questions in the interview. Some of the questions are as follows:

·         Will there be any other videographer with you who will shoot the wedding?

·         What will be the style of the video? Will it be documentary or cinematic?

·         How many years experience do you have in making wedding videos?

·         Have you worked at the venue where I will be having my wedding?

·         Do you know my photographer?

·         Which camera and equipment will you be using for the shooting and the editing processes?

·         Will you show me a sample finished product?

·         What are your packages?

4.      Stick to your budget: The wedding videographer will definitely try to sell you an expensive package. Therefore, you should stick to the budget so that you don’t end up spending a huge amount of money on your wedding film.

5.      Consider his personality: Even if you are satisfied with all the answers of the wedding videographer to the questions that you have asked him, do not hire him if he has a rude personality. A wedding videographer must have an endearing and amicable personality.


Some ideas to make your reception full of fun and entertainment

Generally, the entertainment factor in the wedding receptions is a musical band or a DJ. Though a DJ or a musical band keeps most of the guests entertained, there are many more ideas that can make your reception full of fun and entertainment. Remember, that all the guests present in the reception might not be fond of dancing. Here are some great ideas for you:

1.      Table games: Games are always fun. Table games would be enjoyed by all your guests. The table game called “Mad Libs” is a nice way through which your guests can bond with each other as they ask questions. There are several other table games that you can play at your reception.

2.      Arrange a photo booth: A photo booth is a great way to keep your guests entertained. There are several wonderful props inside a photo booth where your guests can click some awesome pictures.

3.      Hire an artist: To make your reception full of fun and entertainment, you can hire an artist who would make portraits of your guests who are interested in getting themselves sketched.

4.      A fancy guest book: Instead of keeping a traditional guest book in your reception, go for something fancy and colorful such as a wishful tree where guests can write down their messages or a huge photograph of the couple around which the guests can write down their wishes.

5.      Word search napkins: You can keep word search napkins on each guest table where the guests need to find out the names of the couple. The guest who finds the maximum number of the couple’s name hidden in the napkins wins a special hamper.

6.      Set up photo stand-ins: A photo booth is definitely a great idea, no doubt. However, if you want to make your reception more lively and fun, then you can set up a hilarious photo stand-in where the guests can pose for a funny picture.

7.      Display some romantic pictures of the couple: You can display some beautiful and romantic pictures when you were dating each other before marriage in your reception. Your friends and family would love to see those romantic moments that you and your partner have shared. It would add a wonderful romantic vibe in the reception.


Helpful tips for hiring a wedding stylist

Your wedding day is definitely the most important day of your life. You would definitely want to look like a princess straight out from a fairy tale on the day of your wedding. Your hairstyle plays a very important role in shaping your look on the day of your wedding. Therefore, you should hire a nice hair stylist who can make you look beautiful. Here are some helpful tips for hiring a wedding hair stylist:

1.      Check portfolios: Before hiring a stylist, go through the portfolios of many stylists. You should hire the stylist whose portfolio impresses you the most. A great portfolio implies that the stylist is very good at her work.

2.      Stick to your budget: Before you meet a stylist, decide how much you intend to spend on your hair styling. After deciding your budget, stick to it. It will be a really foolish decision to spend a large amount of money on getting your hair styled.

3.      Hire early: You should hire a hair stylist as early as possible. It won’t be a wise decision to postpone the job of hiring a stylist. This is because the best stylists are always in demand. Therefore, if you don’t hire them on time, their dates would be booked. Start looking for a hair stylist two to three months before the day of your wedding.

4.      Experience matters: You should choose a hair stylist who has a decent amount of experience in bridal hair. It is quite a strenuous task to style the hair of brides. Therefore, you can confide in the person who has already styled the hair of many brides.

5.      Ask questions: When you are interviewing a hair stylist, ask questions such as “Which hairstyle would look perfect on my hair?” and “Which hair accessory will suit me the most?” Her prompt and confident reply would give you some hint about her service.

6.      The hair trial should be scheduled at least a month before the day of the wedding: You should not hire a stylist unless she promises you of a hair trial. It is a scary thought to not even have a hair trial before the day of the wedding. You should tell your stylist to schedule the hair trial at least a month before the day of the wedding. The earlier it is, the better it is. The hair trial would boost your confidence for the big day.


Some beautiful themes for your wedding

It is a wonderful idea to have a theme-based wedding. When a wedding revolves around a particular theme, the decorations look beautiful and the guests can enjoy a lot. Nowadays, most brides opt for a theme based wedding where the flowers, music and menu can be well coordinated. Here are some beautiful theme ideas that you can choose for your wedding.

1.      Vintage: This is one of the most popular and beautiful themes that a bride can choose for her special day. The elegance and class of a bygone era look definitely attractive. Lace is mandatory in a vintage wedding. Your gown should have some beautiful embellishments of lace. A soft color palette with slate grey, gold, ivory and rose looks pretty. You can hang some vintage chandeliers to justify the vintage theme. You can also use vintage bottles and a charming old-fashioned cake at your wedding.

2.      Rustic Chic: This is also a very popular wedding theme. At first you need to find a great location. In a rustic chic wedding, three things are compulsory. A beautiful natural landscape, large usage of wood and décor that is simple. The natural theme looks classy and sophisticated. If you have a pet, you can make it wear a floral garland. A lot of flowers and greens should be visible in a rustic chic wedding.

3.      Classic Romance: If you are a diehard romantic, then you should definitely choose the classic romance theme for your wedding. A classic romantic wedding is a timeless wedding. You should choose a dramatic and pretty fit-and-flare gown, which must have crystal detailing. The groom should wear a classic black tuxedo. You can choose pink or light purple for a beautiful romantic effect. However, if you prefer a regal look, then you can opt for white with gold or silver accents. You can use beautiful flowers and special lighting to complete the classic romance theme.

4.      Ethnic: An ethnic wedding theme looks vibrant and colorful. Rich fabrics and beautiful jewelry make an ethnic wedding look gorgeous. The lighting in such a wedding should be very bright and strong. Creative centerpieces are used to embellish the guest tables. You should also hire musicians and dancers who can perform some cultural activities.


7 wedding table decoration ideas

It is very important to create beautiful wedding table decorations at your reception. Your guests would be seated around the table and so their attention will be concentrated on the wedding table. Your style and personality should also reflect in your wedding table decorations. Here are 7 beautiful wedding table decoration ideas that you can use in your reception.

1.      Crystal garlands: Crystal garlands or string of crystals will look beautiful and perfect as your wedding table centerpiece. The crystals will shine in the candlelight and would look incredibly gorgeous when kept on the reception tables. If you have a homemade wish tree, then you can drape the crystal garlands from the twigs of the tree. You can tell your guests to hang their wishes in the twigs of the tree. Crystal garlands are made from acrylic and can be used for decoration in weddings.

2.      Antique tea light holders: The antique tea light holders available in silver color looks beautiful. You can place them on the wedding tables. A standard size light is fitted in these tea light holders. As it is lit, a warm silver glow is emitted. You can also place them along the window sill or fire places at the venue of your reception.

3.      Coasters: A coaster on which it is written, “My advice for the bride and groom” is a wonderful alternative to a guest book. You can place a coaster at every wedding table for the guests to write something for you.

4.      Antique metal keys: An antique metal key is also a great element for wedding table decoration. You can add it to the wedding tables as a wedding favor on a napkin.

5.      Glass bell jars: One of the most lovely wedding table centerpieces is glass bell jars. You can put a couple of roses or a small potted plant inside the bell jar for a beautiful look.

6.      Birch bark lanterns/vases: If you are having a garden or a woodland wedding, then you can use birch bark lanterns or vases as your wedding table centerpieces. The outer portion looks like tree bark, which has little hearts cut out of it from where the light shines through.

7.      Antique silver bowls: The antique silver bowl has a silver foot, which stands pretty on a wedding table. It serves as a beautiful wedding table centerpiece. It looks elegant and classy. You can keep some white flowers on top of the bowl to complete the look. READMORE
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