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Welcome to the Gastonia Conference Center

Gastonia Conference Center is a symbol; a sign of the people of Gastonia, North Carolina on the move toward civic, economic, and environmental sustainability. Designed to pay homage to the surrounding architecture and heritage of the area, Gastonia Conference Center is the premier destination for local, regional, and state-wide conferences and events, from metro-Charlotte based corporate meetings, to state-wide conventions, to local and community events, to memorable weddings.

This cutting-edge, 30,000-square-foot technologically advanced and sustainably built conference center is designed to generate business and support the local Gastonia community. The Conference Center accommodates over 450 meeting attendees and 300 for a seated banquet function and features ten separate, purpose-built and distraction-free meeting rooms, event spaces and 5,100 square-foot ballroom. It has already gained recognition as the greater Charlotte region's foremost destination for events of all kinds.

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Handling Wedding Announcements

Most engaged couples like to send out an official announcement about their coming wedding, and prefer to advertise about the special event in the city magazine or local newspapers. Twitter and Facebook may be the road taken now as well; more so than any print publications. Moreover, if you are planning to make such an announcement, first gather the details and contact information about the chosen publications.


Information You should Try to Accumulate

While talking to the person in charge find out details about the charges, submission deadlines, photo requirements, and run dates. Before putting in the announcement, make sure you have reserved the wedding venue, as the Gastonia Conference Center is booked much in advance.

A proper wedding announcement should include the following:

§  Full name of the bride and groom

§  Names of the bride’s and groom’s mother and father

§  Hometown and state of the bride’s and groom’s parents

§  Proposed wedding venue, city, and state

§  The date of the wedding


In an official announcement that appears in newspapers and magazines, it would not be wise to include your address, as that might cause unnecessary problems. You could unknowingly tip off thieves, as they know you will be receiving many gifts at the wedding, or you could have some unsavory distant relatives turning up at your doorstep.

After the official announcement, it is usually time for throwing an engagement party. Invitation for such party will be quite informal, and usually be through phone calls, emails, or letters. Presents are not usually given at an engagement party, but if you do receive presents, make sure you immediately send a thank you note or a card.

Your Maiden Name

You might have not yet printed your official thank you cards, but eventually you will have to get round this chore as well. You will need to send many thank you notes after your wedding and it is very convenient to have your custom printed stationery. Thank you cards will usually measure four by five inches and are quite small. The paper will be rich ivory or pure white, and the words “Thank You” will be printed in the middle with the name of the groom and bride on the front. If you are going to use these cards before the wedding as well, make sure you print your maiden name on a few cards for using before the wedding date.

Social Media is Changing the Game

Wedding announcements are also done after the wedding, for formally informing people who were not invited to the wedding. It is usually mailed, immediately after the wedding date, or it could also be made in newspapers and magazines. Facebook and Twitter are used for these purposes as well, as already mentioned. READMORE

How to have Control over Your Wedding Guest List

Having control over your wedding guest list is often a challenging task, since you need to consider the guests your parents, in-laws, and groom would want to invite. While booking at the Gastonia Conference Center, you need to have some idea about how many guests you are going to invite. Here are some tips that will help you gain control over your guest list.

Start with a Number

Before you start making the guest list, be clear about the size of your wedding venue and the maximum number of guest you can afford at your wedding. This will give you a clear idea about how far you can stretch your list. This number will also allow you to be practical with your budget.


Categorize the people you want to invite into separate groups. For instance, close family members can go into one group, distant cousins, uncles and aunts can go into another, close friends can form another group, work colleagues another, and so on. When you want to reduce your guest list, start with the category that you do not mind eliminating from, and you will soon have a reduced number.

Who gets to Invite How Many Guests?

Traditionally each side gets to invite the same number of guests. However, it also depends on who is paying for most of the wedding expenses. If the couple is paying for the wedding then the total number can be divided by three, the family of the groom gets to invite one-third, the bride’s family a third, and the couple get to invite a third of the total number.

If one of the families is paying for most of the expenses, the situation is tricky, and a solution can be reached by discussing the matter. Even when the couple is paying for their wedding, it can become difficult to say no to their parents’ list of invitees. In such cases, to keep the peace, the couple can insist that they can consider only those people that the couple has seen in the past six months or a year.

The “And Guest”

Inviting single friends can be a bit tricky, since you need to decide whether you want to invite their date as well. If the person is known to be in a long-term relationship then you should mention “and guest”, but do not add these words indiscriminately to all invitations to single friends.    READMORE

How to Handle Wedding Stress

Weddings can be stressful, even when you have mentally planned for the event for years. Between planning for the Gastonia Conference Center, organizing catering, and making sure all decorations are done properly, pre-wedding anxiety can easily transform into full-fledged stress. Fortunately, there are effective ways to manage wedding stress, without medicating yourself into a senseless haze. Here are some strong and outstanding tips for beating stress.

Involve Your Partner

Most brides are overzealous and like to plan and organize everything. However, when they see their partners lazing around or playing video games, they feel more stressed out. Therefore, it is better to involve your partner right from the beginning. Have a talk with your partner during the planning stage and make sure he understands what you expect from him. If you do not want to delegate certain tasks fully, you can list the things you would like his help. Simply keep him posted about meeting dates with vendors, payment deadlines, and so on.


Relieve Stress by Exercising

The best way to beat anger and stress is to burn off excess build-up of energy in your body, by following an exercising schedule. Simply going for jog or fast walk for half an hour each day could improve your mood considerably. The added bonus is you will be fit and even lose a few pounds before the big day.

Meditation and Yoga

If you are not into heavy exercises, you could try out some yoga postures or simple meditation techniques. Simply sitting quietly and ignoring all thoughts for ten to fifteen minutes can calm you down considerably. If you are unable to ignore thoughts, you could visualize each aspect of your wedding proceeding smoothly and just the way you want it. In fact, visualization is considered a powerful technique for achieving the results you desire.

Diet and Rest

Neglecting your regular food intake and not attaining adequate sleep can increase your stress levels. When you are not properly rested and you do not eat three square meals in a day, it will make you hungry and tired, which will increase your anxiety. When you are anxious, you are likely to make bad judgments and make matters worse, which will add to your stress. To avoid this vicious cycle, eat healthy foods at the right times and keep to a sleeping schedule. Make sure you include protein-rich items, fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. 

If you cannot get in shape for your wedding when will you ever get in shape? You want those wedding pictures to shine and they will.


Wedding Planning and Job Loss

If you lose your job due to any reason, while making plans for your wedding, it can be very stressful. You are faced with the options of cancelling your wedding, drastically altering the wedding budget, or postponing the event. The economic situation and recession can play spoilsport with your wedding plans; however, you need to remember that wedding is an important ritual and most important day of your life. Hence, even if you have lost your job, you need not cancel your wedding, as there are many ways to manage the situation.

Flexibility or Not

For different couples, different aspects may be important for their wedding. Most couples like to have their wedding at an excellent location such as the Gastonia Conference Center, while some might prefer to have a lavish honeymoon. Hence, list the things that are most important to you, for your wedding. This will give you an idea where you will be able to cut costs, and the areas where you cannot do much changing or adjusting.

You could also consider fabricating and concocting a lavish event with fewer guests, or making the event simple and inviting all the people, you know. Sometimes, a dream wedding is of the utmost priority for some couples. In such cases, there is no other alternative but to postpone the wedding. There is also the possibility of holding a very modest wedding event at present, and planning for a lavish event later on, when you could renew your wedding vows or throw a grand party on one of your wedding anniversaries.

Wedding Insurance

If you are having a job when you plan for your wedding, but you are afraid you might lose it in the near future, you should consider wedding insurance. However, wedding insurance could work out expensive, and most policies do not cover unemployment. Nevertheless, there is important coverage that you might want to have, to reduce the risk of losing money due to postponement, bad weather, and so on.

Scrutinizing the Cancellation Policies

When you are planning to go ahead with the wedding, make sure you know the cancellation policies of your vendors such as caterer, florist, photographer, and others, before you sign a contract with them. Some vendors may retain your whole deposit, while some may return a portion. Certain vendors might charge you a small amount for postponing your wedding to a future date, while others might not levy any charge.

Whatever decisions you make, be careful not to get too much into debt, as it is very easy to spend on your credit card.


How to Deal with Mistakes made by Your Wedding Guests

You might have booked at Gastonia Conference Center, but certain etiquette or mistakes committed by your guests could turn your wedding into a disaster. Here are some tips that can help you deal with these mistakes effectively.

Guests who do not Show

Some wedding guests will RSVP “yes” and yet will not turn up for your wedding. When you are faced with this issue, you need to inform your wedding coordinator or your caterer immediately, who can arrange the tables accordingly. If many guests are missing, you might want to combine certain tables seamlessly, so that certain group of guests can enjoy each other’s company while dining. After the wedding, you might be eager to tell the AWOL guests that is was disrespectful not showing for your wedding, but first make sure everything was okay with them.

Drunken Guests

If you have an open bar, some guests are likely to get drunk and make a fool of themselves. In most cases, it is fun to watch them, but some guests can take their drunken behavior too far, and you need to stop them from injuring or insulting other guests. It can be difficult to ask the guest to leave, but sometimes you need to do it and to tell bartender to cut them off from any more alcohol. The best option would be to ask a trusted friend or the wedding coordinator to drive such a guest home or put them in a cab.

Guests Stealing Attention

Some guests simply want to be the stars of the show, even when they are attending a wedding. They could be stealing attention by wearing a revealing dress, spontaneously toasting frequently, or breaking into a wild dance suddenly. One thing you need to keep in mind is that it will be hard for someone to upstage you on your wedding day, as most guests will be focusing their attention on you and your partner.

However, certain guests might grab attention with their drunken singing or doing some idiotic moves on the dance floor. In such instances, you could ask the DJ to switch to a slower song, or interrupt the activities of the guest by doing something such as cake cutting or giving some speech and so on.

But for some people who do not care to have all eyes on them, this type of person can be an asset. If they want to deflect some of the attention off of you and your bride, allow this person to carry on.  

Wearing White

The bride is the only one who is supposed to be in white at a wedding. However, some guests might enquire if it is ok to wear white. In such instances, do not be a pushover, or get aggressive. Simply mention that you plan to wear white on your wedding day, and would not want anyone else in that color, unless they want guests to think them to be the bride.   READMORE
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